Strategic Goals

  • Engage people in the United States initially and beyond at a later time in an educational program that stresses the need for sharing Jerusalem and maintaining it as an inclusive center of faith.  
  • Seek the input of religious leaders in Jerusalem to develop a common memorandum (e.g., The Jerusalem Declaration) on the significance of Jerusalem for Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others with reference to access to the holy sites, religious holidays and festivals, and preservation of religious diversity of the city, among others. 
  • Call upon all relevant parties to address Jerusalem’s status in accordance with United Nations resolutions and international law and consistent with the basic principles of equality and justice.  
  • Reach out to appropriate individuals and organizations in Jerusalem to create a needs assessment plan that enables Jerusalem’s Palestinian inhabitants to freely develop their daily lives on an equal basis as the Jewish inhabitants of the city. The plan should address issues ranging from adequate housing, jobs, and education to medical care, municipal services, and access to civic institutions and cultural organizations. 
  • Enter partnerships with relevant organizations at the local, regional, and global levels and seek their endorsements and positive collaboration.