Jerusalem Peace Institute Welcomes Dr. Mohamed K. Ghumrawi to the Board of Directors .

The Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Peace Institute (JPI, is very pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Mohamed K. Ghumrawi to serve on the JPI Board. The JPI Board of Directors is composed of individuals of good character who are committed to JPI’s mission, vision, and goals.

Dr. Ghumrawi teaches in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Florida International University (FIU). He is also the Senior Program Coordinator of the Jaffer Center for Muslim World Studies at FIU as well as the founding Faculty Director of the “FIU in the Middle East” study abroad program. His research interests focus on the Palestinian-Israeli question, the Palestinian diaspora, Islamic studies, Middle East politics, conflict resolution, peace studies, state formation, foreign policy, and security studies. Dr. Ghumrawi contributed an essay to the What Jerusalem Means to Us: Muslim Perspectives and Reflections.

On behalf of the JPI Board of Directors, Rateb Rabie, JPI, Chairman of the board welcomes him: “We are honored to have the support of Dr. Ghumrawi. JPI is energized by his support and looks forward to expanding our mission through his talent and vision.

The Jerusalem Peace Institute (JPI) highlights Jerusalem as humanity’s shared gift governed by two peoples and cherished by three faiths, and its centrality for a just peace. JPI undertakes its mission through advocacy, program activities, interdisciplinary research, and publications. For any questions, contact JPI at or 301 951-8841.

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