Al-Quds University medical students organize conference, “Chronic Hope,” the second conference in the PMSA Jerusalem Talks series

The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations – Jerusalem organized the second conference of the PMSA Jerusalem Talks under the title “Chronic Hope”. The event hosted successful and influential people to share students with their inspiring medical, cultural and social experiences.

President of Al-Quds University, Prof. Imad Abu Kishk praised the students for their initiatives that would sharpen skills and promote values ​​as a primary output of higher education in the various political, economic and social levels, in addition to the students’ knowledge from their academic studies.

Abu Kishk indicated that the students will be ambassadors to promote the Palestinian values, for they are the hope in rebuilding and advancing the society in light of the political situation in Palestine at the national and international levels. He concluded by saying, “You are the leaders of the change”.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Hani Abdeen said that the challenges the university and Palestine experienced during the Corona pandemic affected the academic process, “the university succeeded in facing the crisis and maintaining the continuity of the educational process”. The Faculty of Medicine, he noted, was able to overcome the problem of clinical training by applying blended education, stressing that the medical students have a great responsibility towards their society, and a lot of hope is put on them to improve and develop the Palestinian health system.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Raouf Al-Sinnawi noted that Al-Quds University is a platform that is always available for medical students; it is an incubator for entrepreneurship and business that embraces new ideas and provide the students with the necessary support to implement them on the ground.

In the address delivered by the president of PMSA, student of Medicine Yazan Abu Durai’ welcomed the audience and thanked Al-Quds University for supporting the union during the health conditions that hindered its work.

In his presentation, the President of Jazoor for Health and Social Development, Umayyah Khamash, addressed the challenges Palestine faces in the health sector, including the occupation and the current political situation that have resulted in food shortage and diseases.

Dr. Mustafa Nakhaleh, a surgeon at Jericho Hospital and a professor of Medicine at the university, shared the students some of the humanitarian experiences he had while trying to treat the Palestinians wounded at the hands of the occupation forces.

Lana Kalghasi, a columnist, shared her experience of joining one of the major Arab media outlets after her graduation, and how this experience affected her character and motivated her to achieve her goals.

Abdul Rahman Abu Bakr, Director of Public Relations – Medicare Laboratories, talked about the circumstances that made him chose this field of study and how he was able to develop his skills and capabilities and excel at work.

It is noteworthy that PMSA Al-Quds University is affiliated to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations – Jerusalem (IFMSA). It seeks to develop and promote the knowledge and experiences of medical students, develop their personal skills, and enhance community participation.

Al-Quds University continues to support its students in order to stimulate creativity and excellence within its efforts to create a pioneering and creative university environment while graduating highly-qualified and distinguished students.

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