Dr. Cynthia Finlayson, Utah, USA


Dr. Cynthia Finlayson is Associate Professor of Archaeology at Brigham Young University. Since 1977, she has acquired extensive experience in archaeological excavation and cultural heritage site development in Syria and Jordan. She is the current director of the Ad-Deir Monument and Plateau Project in Petra, Jordan, and acting director of the Syro-American expeditions to both Palmyra and Apamea, Syria. At Apamea she directed the excavation and restoration of the Great Roman Theater of Apamea, which vies with the Large Theater at Ephesus for the title of largest extant Roman theater in the world. At Palmyra she directed excavations close to the Efqa Spring. Dr. Finlayson has also directed a U.S. State Department museum project at the Azem Palace in Damascus.

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