What Jerusalem Means To Us – The Contents

The Contents & The Contributors


Rateb Y. Rabie


Saliba Sarsar

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  1. Jerusalem: My Favorite City in the World!

Yael S. Aronoff

  1. Next Year in Jerusalem: When Aspirations Meet Reality

Naamah Kelman

  1. Jerusalem in My Life

Peretz Rodman

  1. What Jerusalem Means to Me

John L. Rosove

  1. My Love of Jerusalem as a Reform Jew

Laurence P. Malinger

  1. Jerusalem, Our Common Mother City

Yehezkel Landau

  1. On the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Earthly Jerusalem

Ron Kronish

  1. And All the Nations Shall Flow Unto It

Jonathan Golden

  1. The “Abandoned” Houses of Jerusalem

Tamar Verete-Zahavi

  1. “Go West”: Reflections on the “West” in West Jerusalem

Elan Ezrachi

  1. O Jerusalem: Reflections of a Liberal Zionist on the Too-Holy City

Ilan Peleg

  1. My Jerusalem – Our Jerusalem

Sharon Rosen

  1. Jerusalem: An Insider/Resident’s and Outsider/Researcher’s Perspectives

Menachem Klein

  1. Jerusalem: The Cost of Jewish Israeli Dominance

Alice Rothchild

  1. My Transformative Journey

Aleen Bayard

  1. My Story: Jerusalem as Source of Lifelong Inspiration and Career Path

Martin J. Raffel

Appendix I: Jerusalem Peace Institute