The History of Our Initiative

Jerusalem is unique among the cities of the world. Its distinctiveness stems from its holiness and universal character. An important place of spiritual attachment for Muslims, Christians, and Jews, its religious and political aspects are intertwined. Its status requires of all to think and act creatively, sensitively, and responsibly about its future so that it can be a source of peace and harmony between peoples and religions. 

Our interest in Jerusalem dates back for decades. It is an essential part of who we are, with some of us being born and raised in Jerusalem, with all of us connected in ways historical, spiritual, religious, and cultural to this beautiful Holy City and deep sense of belonging. Still others have come to love the city from near or afar, as it is connected to their Jerusalem family and relatives, sense of humanity, faith traditions, national aspirations, entrepreneurial pursuits, and/or intellectual quests. 

Jerusalem has been a central focus of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) for many years. The JPI concept started with the collaborative effort of Dr. Saliba G. Sarsar and Rateb Y. Rabie. It builds on the important progress that has been achieved thus far, as expressed in conferences, symposia, and publications. Among them are: