Rateb Y. Rabie, KCHS, Maryland, USA

Chairman of the Board

Rateb Y. Rabie, KCHS is the co-Founder of the Jerusalem Peace Institute (JPI), Founder and President/CEO of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF), and Founder and President/CEO of Know Thy Heritage. Born in Amman, Jordan to Palestinian parents, he is Chairman of the U.S. Muslim Christian Coalition, co-founder and past national president of the Birzeit Society, and co-founder, Vice President, and Treasurer of the Institute for Health, Development, and Research in Palestine. He is also a Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of Holy Sepulcher and a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus, founder and co-chair of the Holy Land Outreach Committee of the Knights of Columbus, Maryland State Council. He is recipient of the Faith and Tolerance Award from the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee. Rateb is committed to peace and justice in Palestine and to improving the living conditions for Palestinian Christians in their homeland, preserving Palestine’s Christian heritage, and strengthening the identity of Palestinians in the Diaspora.

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