Raed Saadeh, Jerusalem

Chairperson Jerusalem Tourism Cluster; Chairperson Rozana Association, Jerusalem

Raed Saadeh is an activist and advocate of community-based tourism and cultural heritage preservation in Palestine. He is the former president of the Arab (Palestinian) hotel association. He is co-founder and Chairman of the Rozana Association for architectural heritage conservation and rural tourism development based in Birzeit. Saadeh is also Owner and General Manager of the Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem, a heritage hotel for which he introduced the concept and did the design. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, with a Bsc. from Syracuse University and MSc. from Case Western Reserve University, he is also co-founder and board member of the Palestinian Art Court; board member of Al Ma‘mal Foundation for Contemporary Art; Chair of Sunbula, a Jerusalem-based non-profit fair trade organization; and co-founder and ex-President of Yabous Productions for performing arts. He is one of the main leaders and co-founders of the Network for Experiential Palestinian Tourism Organizations as well as a co-founder and chair of the Palestinian Heritage Trail. His current efforts are focused on developing the concept of an Alquds/Jerusalem tourism board intended to maximize the economic returns and benefits for Alquds local community.

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