Claudette Habesch, Jerusalem

Former Secretary General of CARITAS Jerusalem, The Holy Land

Claudette Habesch born and living in Jerusalem, led Caritas Jerusalem, the socio-pastoral services of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, from 1987 to 2013. During 1999-2007, she also was President of Caritas Middle East and Northern Africa and Vice-President of Caritas Internationalis. A passionate defender of Palestinians’ rights and peace in the region, Mrs. Habesch served as a member of the Committee for Christian Affairs of the Palestinian Authority (PA). She was a member of the Islamic Christian Commission funded by the PA to support Jerusalem and the Holy Sites. In addition, she was active in the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees of the Middle East Council of Churches. Mrs. Habesch served as a member on the Bethlehem University Board of Trustees for 22 years, including the last three years as Chair.

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